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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

I consider Google Analytics or reCaptcha, the Facebook Like Button and any HTML iFrames to be nothing more than to way track and harvest visitor data. Therefore I don't use any of these technologies. I believe ANY web site that implements the above can NOT possibly be sincere about their customer's and user's data privacy and that ALL companies should sign a pledge to stop using them. Any company that uses these technicques is unethical and bad.

The only session cookies set by this site are the ARR Affinity Cookie used by Microsoft web servers to identify subsequent requests by the same browser, and CSRF anti-forgery tokens to keep jerks from scrapping our data. If you save an image settings, these too will be saved to your local storage.

There are no 3rd party cookies set by this site. I DO USE web sockets to make the site faster.

The ONLY user data we record at this time is the client's requesting IP Address and browser type. This is for ananlytics and also to stop malicious users.

When you use this site/app you agree that I'm justing providing you with a tool to make a Meme and that if someone sues you because you used their image to make a Meme they didn't like or think is their intellectual property (IP), then I am not legally responsible.

I reserve the right to modify this ToS agreement & Privacy Policy at any time.

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