MEME Anything
  1. How do you use this thing?
    Paste an image URL into the source field and click 'Fetch' or start with a web color name like 'red'. You can also start with one of the example presets.
  2. Can I Upload an Image?
    Yes, but upload broke in .NET 6??? I'm working on it.
  3. Can I just start with a blank colored background?
    Of course. In the source field just put in the name of a web color exactly as show on this page, or use a Hex Color string (#a675bc), or the JSON color string rgba(45,212,77,255). Other variations are possible.
  4. Can I start with a gradient background?
    OMG! Not yet, but soon! If you use 'hue' as the source you can see where this is going.
  5. Can I Save My Choices?
    Yes, but just one! Click the 'Save this Image' button. Since you can only save one, the name really does not matter much. This is what will appear in the Presets Menu after you save as the first preset. Image settings are saved to your local storage. No one else will see this in their menu because it's only saved on your browser.
  6. Do large images get resized?
    Yes. The max longest dimension is 1600 pixels for now. This speeds up changes and since it's just a Meme, you don't need a full sized image.
  7. How can I make a line break in the Body Text?
    Use the pipe symbol (|) to indicate a new line like "Hello|You Fool|I Love You!"
  8. How do I make a multi-line title?
    You can't, BUT you can leave the title empty, and do a multi-line body, set to vertical align center or top, and create line breaks with a pipe symbol (|). To create an empty line, put a space between two pipes like "Something| |Some more stuff!"
  9. How do I change the location of the Icon Badge
    Click the image and the Origin coordinates will change. The Icon is drawn from center.
  10. How do I get the address to an image?
    Try right-clicking an image and choosing "Open Image in a New Tab" and copy the complete URL. You can go to Google or Bing Images. Some sites try to hide the image URL. They can't - if you know how to look for it. Browsers have an inspection tool some place where you can click and image and it will show you the source of that image. You can also try a tool like Extract Pics to get all the images in a web page, but I can't vouché for this site's privacy.
  11. Can I download as a JPEG?
    Soon. Just convert the PNG to JPEG locally.
  12. Can you embed the image into an email?
    Yes. There's a REST API behind the scenes that really draws the image. All the current parameters are documented. However, I can't just open this up to anyone without some financial support.
  13. Can I Download this app locally?
    Eventually. Not yet.
  14. Can I modify the footer?
    You can but I have turned off that feature. Call me crazy but I like credit for my work. Maybe if you buy me a coffee?
  15. How do I report a bug?
    Use the Contact Form to let me know the issue.
  16. Can you add font "blah blah" or Icon Shape "blah blah"?
    Maybe, use the Contact Form to let me know what you want.
  17. Can you add some feature?
    Probably "yes", use the Contact Form to let me know what you want.
  18. Could you make a custom app like this?
    Yes, use the Contact Form to let me know what you want.
  19. Could I watermark my own images with something like this?
    Yes, easily. You could also embed a hidden signature inside your images as well. Or do some analysis on the image.
  20. Do you save the images we fetch?
    I do not! I don't want to pay to store images already on the web. However, in the future, I may decide to store the settings you pick which would include the URL. As of now, I do not. If that changes, you wil be informed.
  21. Why did you write this?
    I've been writing apps of every kind of over 20 years. I like graphics programming and honestly most jobs I've had are pretty technically easy for me (i.e. the coding is trivial). So I do these things like this on the side to be challenged. This is actually a test for something larger.
  22. You suck at UIs!
    Agreed! It's not my forté. If you are a UI designer and want to work with me use the Contact Form.
  23. What's Blazor?
    It's C# transpiled into Javascript - the one language for both front and backend concept that made node.js popular only Javascript is not a great language in that it's being pushed way beyond what it was originally designed for. Any language can be "turned into" Javascript or "transpiled" and C# is just one of those allowing real developers to use it on both the front and backend. Blazor Server apps keep an open connection between the client and the server using Signal R.

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